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123 INVENTORY MANAGEMENT is an inventory management software that is accurate and easy to use. It smoothens manageability of business. The feature that makes it better is the easiness in its installation, setup, and use. 123-INVENTORY provide effortless stock management and automates the functioning of Business related to Stock Management System.

Some of its features like -

  • Sales Management
  •  Purchase Management
  • Product Management
  • Customer and Supplier Management

 Along with this one can also manage accounts with -

  •  Payments
  •  Ledger
  •  Receiving
  •  Modifications
  •  Groups 


It gives User Privilege Security Features. 123-INVENTORY uses SQL SERVER 2008 -World’s most preferred Database Compilation Software, which is also compatible with higher versions for storing its Database. It can manage unlimited customer and transaction as well and has been made efficient with organized and easily searchable stock detail. 123-INVENTORY generates several types of reports including all substance of Sales, Purchase, and Stocks. 

  • From where can I get the description of features?

To get the details of all feature of 123 Inventory please click features.

  • Can I have a meeting regarding 123 Inventory management? 

 Yes, sure. To ask for the meeting just click meeting.

  • From where can I get help for 123  Inventory?

  To get detail help for all the module and section of 123 Inventory Management just click helpdesk.

  • Can I get the pricing details?

 Yes, just click here for pricing.

  • Can I buy the product online? 

Yes, you can do so just click Online Store.